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Pitney Bowes

.01 The Problem

Pitney Bowes had customer data in their warehouse systems which also existed in This data was kept synchronized manually which caused countless errors and delays. The burden of that task costed a lot of man hours, and also there was a loss of time and money due the symptoms of having incorrect data.

.02 What We Did

Roney Technologies developed a software system that communicated with SFDC ( via Web Services. When an edit happened on the SFDC site it would trigger a call to a Web service we wrote that would update the data in the Pitney Bowes system. When data was edited on the Pitney Bowes side, the transverse would happen.

.03 The Benefit

All data was synchronized between the Pitney Bowes internal systems and SFDC. All of the problems of inaccurate data due to multiple source of the same data went away. An example is invoices were now always sent to the correct address, and mail processed with the correct drop off point information.