Monthly Archives: May 2016

Otto Self-Driving Software Technology

Otto Kits Out Big Rigs With Aftermarket Self-Driving Tech

Otto on Monday introduced a self-driving kit designed to help those behind the wheel of big rigs drive more safely and efficiently. The company is developing a suite of sensors, software and other truck-related enhancements that could be retrofitted into existing vehicles. The technology has been tested in Otto’s research fleet, and the company completed […]

The Latest Technology

Speedy Tortillas, Racing Robots, and Real-Time 3D

Flatev is a pod-based system for instant tortillas in the mold of a Keurig coffee maker. Insert a pod of fresh dough — you have several choices, all organic — then adjust settings for type of dough and desired crispiness, and 90 seconds later you’ll have a fresh, warm tortilla. There’s a heated drawer to […]

Optikey Software

OptoKey 2 Eye-Tracking Software

OptiKey is an assistive on-screen keyboard which runs on Windows software. It is designed to be used with a low cost (around $100) eye-tracking device to bring keyboard control, mouse control and speech to people with motor and speech limitations, such as people living with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) / Motor Neuron Disease (MND). It […]